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Fast, cheap SEO article writing services guaranteed for online gambling , poker, domino qq, betting, soccer betting, line casino services. That articles cannot be copied and pasted from articles from other websites, which if detected by Google’s system will result in a situs parlay bola terbaik Google penalty. The website that you have will not go up to page one, two and three of google because the article or content imitates the property of others. So that readers as website owners must ensure this, don’t just be tempted by the price of cheap article writing services. Furthermore, to work with the best article writers, website owners should have a way to choose. The practical ways to choose a content writer with the best price quotes for article writing services in Indonesia are:

You Should Pay Attention to How to Write a Sales Letter

The first way to choose a content writer service with the best price for article writing services is to look at how to write a sales letter. The sales letter in question is a series or arrangement of words used by the article writer in offering his business services. Of course, the information that must be contained in the sales letter article information is the price of article writing services per article. In addition to the price, of course, the article information must also include the number of words in the article, the benefits that consumers get, and how to order. So it is clear that the article service is in accordance with the budget you have and also in accordance with the business of the client.

Check And Consider Article Offers From The Best Article Writers

Second, in addition to the price information for article writing services that you have gotten from the manufacturing service, you also check other offers. The offer relates to the types of articles offered at affordable prices for article writing services. Starting from unique articles (no plagiarism of other articles), easy-to-understand articles (human friendly) or SEO friendly articles. Of the three categories of articles, it is better if you order articles from the best services, it is better if these 3 criteria must exist. Especially if the articles on your website are intended for SEO purposes or SEO targets appear on page one of Google from user searches.

Don’t Forget And Have To Check The Uniqueness Of The Articles Made

Third, choosing content or article creation services in addition to the price of article writing services that are commensurate with the quality is that you should check the uniqueness of the article. It is important to check the uniqueness of the article so that the quality of the article that will be uploaded on your website has weight and quality. The most important thing is that from the price of the article writer services that you agreed on, the article is not plagiarized from the property rights of other people’s articles. It’s easy enough for you to check its uniqueness using free links such as small SEO tools, or with a plagiarism checker.

Next You Check the Quality of Human Friendly Articles

Fourth, you also have to choose an article writing service which offers the best price for article writing services for article quality. Of course, the quality of the article is in terms of the reader, which is the article that is made easy to understand, the information or ideas you want to convey.

Last time you check the quality of SEO friendly articles

And finally, you have to choose an article writing service that offers the best price for article writing services, which guarantees SEO article quality. The hallmark of SEO articles that you need to know is to use keywords at the beginning of the sentence, in the middle and at the end of the closing sentence.