Scr888 Slot Machine Stone Age

Travel back in time with this Stone Age Slot Machine by Endorphina. Life then may have been hard, but you can experience the prehistoric adventures of home gambling games. There are 5 reels, 20 paylines and a 500,000-credit jackpot. What’s more, there are a number of useful tools to help you win, such as free spins with growing symbols plus a double game or no gamble.

Made of Stone
Slot machines allow players to escape anywhere. There are slot themes that will take you to the Far East, the bottom of the sea, or even the furthest from the universe. And now, you can escape into the cold, hard, cruel world of the Stone Age! so it may not be the most exotic or exciting historical period, but malaysia online slot machine gamesthis presents the prehistoric era in charming details.The roll is precisely designed as it is newly carved from basic raw materials such as wood, leather and rope. While this makes up for the overall appearance of the game quite a bit, it definitely helps to transport it back to the real time of the world symbol itself is also interesting to show the trademark gadget from which Epoch gets its name. There are bananas, bows, arrows and axes made from the teeth of some ferocious prehistoric animals. You’ll also find some examples of the earliest human art and culture with several cave paintings – one showing a hunter and another depicting a jumping horse. The most striking image of the roll, however, represents a caveman and a caveman, looking noble and fearless in their wind posture.

Mammoth Wins
The payout schedule of this Stone slot machine is actually quite generous, giving players the chance to win a massive jackpot that will double the value of the batch line by 5,000x. That’s rewarded when five furry elephants match the active payline and the next most valuable line bet multiplier, a female hunter collector who pays up to 750x. Five stone axes are also worth 750x the line bet while stone knives and arrows make for 150x. Finally, the less profitable images are cave paintings and necklaces, all of which will give no more than 100x.Players can place good groups, starting from as low as 1 credit, increasing to 100 credits per line. It is also possible to move to a number by clicking on the number along the side of the scroll. So, if you play with all 20 paylines and an online bet worth 100, then you will be able to play a maximum bet of 2,000 game credits.Punters can stimulate any win, no matter how big or small the game is. This “Take Risk” option is followed by four face down cards. Players only need to turn over a higher card for their double win from a worthy spin.

Rock ‘n’ Roll
The life of slot machines for online use is very easy to use. And it doesn’t seem as easy to spin as this game, that’s for sure. This symbol is actually a very special icon as it is a wild symbol and the bonus spread symbolizes everything rolled into one. This means that the spinning stone will replace all other symbols to complete the winning line. Rock on! however, the power of the stone does not stop there. Because this spread will pay out a win when three or more appear on the reels regardless of the paylines.five will actually pay a total bet multiplier of 200x. In addition,

The Beginning of Human History
Stone Age, which resembles bright colors and vibrant action, but the Endorphina slot machine has a lot of exciting action with 5 reels and 20 paylines. In fact, if you consider yourself a bit of a history buff then you will be more satisfied with what this game has to offer and into the beginnings of human culture and society. everywhere you will also find some interesting symbols and games only at