Poker Strategi Look Out

Let’s take a look at a situation that some online players find unbearable, and this situation is playing a hand only for color. Why they do it is quite simple: they look great all put together and of the same color and they are sure to bring players great wins. But they won’t, you need luck to get a flush just out of two cards. They play for example and an Ace or King along with a kicker simply because they are of the same suit Sicbo Online Uang Asli  . Many even cross this line, and they think that something is worth playing if two cards share the same color.

You look back on your game you find that you can also help be responsible for hand types, even when you find yourself in early position then you need to really rethink the way you play. Let’s take a look at your chances of getting right-aligned from the flop. So, to have their flush you must have in your hand two cards of one color, and in addition to this, the three cards dealt on the flop must be all three of the exact same color as the one you are holding. The probability of that happening is under 1%. They are actually around 0.85%. That means something like 118 to 1. very low odds. So even now when you know this you may still be playing let’s say an Ace with a suit because you expect you to get a flush with the flop or on the river. But, usually you have to waste a lot of money to test this. And say that you have a flush, you can’t be sure that you have a winning hand. Maybe another player tried too and he had a flush too, just with a better card than yours.

I know that everyone finds it hard to give up this method but if you want to be successful, you have to give up. Just thinking it is because it is bad thinking, which will definitely cost you money and this way you can probably give up.

To stop yourself from making this mistake again just set a goal not to play this hand for 10 poker sessions from now one. Take a pen and paper and note every hand you throw away it fits this picture. And fold but continue to watch the game. In the end do some calculus and see if you can win that hand. Include all the bets you will make to win, how much money you will spend on that hand and how much you will eventually win.

Repeat this step for each hand. And after 10 poker sessions, add all the numbers up. And surprisingly you will realize that it was the right decision, which you save money and this will assure you too be more careful with two card match hands.