Play God of Three Slots On Live22

There are many topics on the history of China on the online betting Malaysia website . The most prominent Chinese religion is the three old Fu star, Lu Heshou, also known as the Samsung God. The third gods like the attraction of the stars, and they are also able to highlight their powers by triggering the wild symbol game features. Malaysian slot games will rarely publish a theme in the market about Oriental Slots, so if you are looking for new and unique things, it probably won’t jump on you. However, if you like online games, then you will not be disappointed with the game, especially if you get a jackpot bonus.

The Holy Trinity
Why only one god when you can have three? Fu, Lu and Shou formed three musketeers of Chinese religious beliefs, which originated in the Ming Dynasty as icons of prosperity, status and longevity – three qualities said to be essential to a good life. Each character has their own characteristics and astrological entities.

Fu, for example, is associated with Jupiter and its scientific appearance makes it a symbol of good luck. Then there is Lu, whose majestic appearance makes him an icon associated with status, power and influence. Finally, Shou, is a wise man who is believed to control the lives of human beings and he is certainly wise beyond his years, since he was born as an old man.

You can immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Ancient Chinese religion with this free God Of Three slot spin. Set in a beautiful heavenly setting, the game features various icons associated with the gods. These include scientific scrolls, lots of gold ingots and gorgeous pumpkins containing the elixir of life.

Pray For A Big Win

We don’t know if praying to the gods will bring you prosperity, status and longevity, but we do know that there is a chance to win some real cash with these low to medium volatility slot machines. Of course, gamblers have to pay in several ways for the machine If they want to get something back and they can choose from the following credit options: 40, 80, 200, 400, 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, 10,000, 20,000, 40,000 and 100,000. Now, before you get too desperate by the huge betting options, we should tell you that the game will configure the credits in this game into real money by dividing the stake by 100. So, betting 40 credits in the game actually converts only 0.40 coins in real life .

Once you head to this betting system, you will be ready to spin the reels of this slot machine for a chance to win some prizes. All it takes is three matching symbols on one of the 40 paylines and you will be rewarded with several line bet multipliers worth up to 1,000x. The grand prize is offered each time five golden nerve ingots make a valid sequence on the reels.

Golden Bonus

These gold icons not only find their face value, but also because they act as wild icons that can replace any standard pay symbol to complete a winning formation. Players will get a bit of a wild boost when three gods appear on the reels, which each character delivers a different wild bonus. Fu Xing will give a wild at random, Lu Xing will turn the whole reel into a wild, and Shou Xing will turn one random symbol on the reels into a wild.

The wild symbol in this game can replace any other icon except the scatter symbol and the jackpot fish symbol. The former of these icons can give up to 10x the total value of the bet along with 20 free spins while the latter will start a fun mini-game when three appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. This side feature is not only fun and gameplay, however, as there are a chance to get a share of the progressive jackpot when you catch the right fish in a quiet pool (you can check out the full details of this bonus feature at the game’s payout table).

You don’t have to be a religious person to appreciate the wonders of faith and belief in different cultures. God of Three slots from Live22 is the best Asian themed game (this definitely satisfies your satisfaction when considering the market satisfaction with this type of slot) thanks to the quality of the graphics and the Commitment jackpot.