Newest Online Slot Game, Starlight Princess

Starlight Princess is one of the newest online slot games to appear on slot258 . This game is one of the coolest games on this site. therefore it is recommended for those of you who want to chase Cuan 999 super can immediately try this one game. You will have no difficulty in learning this one game system because this game has a very similar appearance to the Zeus slot or Gate of Olympus. But the difference is that you will be accompanied by a beautiful princess, not Zeus. In addition, the icons that are stocked also look funnier and easier to win.

Starlight Princess

This game belongs to the category of online slots with high volatility. Which means that when you win something, it is very likely that the jackpot you win will be very large. Games like this are usually sought after by people to seek wealth in a short time. Just like the zeus slot joker88, this Starlight Princess game has tumble features with a very high multiplier value of x500. If you bet on the number 2400 and manage to win several combinations, let’s just say that the combination that comes out is an easy combination by winning Rp. 3,600 rupiah. Then the final result will be 3,600 x 500 which is 1,800,000! Only with a betting capital of IDR 2400 and win a combination of loose change!

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Game Appearance Similar to Zeus Slots
If you pay attention, at the top left of the Starlight Princess game you will find the Freespin button where the buy freespin feature in the zeus game is also in this one game. With a price of 10x the number of your spins, you will get 15 times the freespins. The freespin feature is a feature that many people are looking for, therefore many gambling players will continue to use this freespin feature in the Starlight Princess online slot game.

Starlight Princess
Fitur Double Chance Starlight Princess
A feature that is quite loved by gambling players in zeus slots has reappeared in this one game. The button to increase the price of the bet a little, but giving a DOUBLE CHANCE, the opportunity to win a feature is much greater, is often a crucial consideration for players who like to make large bets.

For those of you who really like the Gate of Olympus game, then it will be familiar to get used to playing this one game. You will find a large number of wins and a lot of fun playing the Starlight Princess online slot at slot258. Immediately register yourself with our trusted customer service who is ready to serve you 24 hours a day.