Slot is a gambling game that originated in America. The essence of this game is very easy, players only need to pull a lever or press a button which will spin the picture wheels (usually 3-5 wheels divided into columns and rows) then if the player gets an arrangement of pictures or symbols that match the line or conditions, then players will get prizes according to the number of coins (bets) used.

Of course, every game has terms, as well as in this slot game . In this article, we will share a complete list of terms in slot games for you.

Slot – A slot machine in the form of a rod filled with pictures and played by pulling a lever.

Slot Machines – More or less the same as slots, only they usually use more sophisticated machines.

Video Slot – A slot game that uses a computer system which does not use wheels but is run by a computer algorithm with a system called RNG.

Classic Slot – An old school slot joker88 game that uses 3 reels and 1 payline combination.

Reels – Number of rows and columns in slot games ranging from 3×3 to 10×5

Symbol – The pictures or symbols that are on each reel of the slot game, usually rotated randomly depending on the mechanics of the slot game being played.

Payline – A combination or series of symbols that combine to get a prize in a slot game.

Wild – Wild symbol, where the symbol can be paired with other symbols freely according to a minimum combination of 2 or more but cannot be used for scatter symbols.

Scatter – Free spins or bonus game trigger symbol in slot games.

Payout – The amount of prizes that have been obtained by the player.

Volatility – The high and low level of payout that a player can get in a slot game. The smaller the volatility, the more often players can get prizes, but the value of the prizes is small, while the greater the volatility, the more difficult it is for players to get prizes but the bigger the prizes that can be obtained.
RTP – Return To Player is a casino term to explain how big a percentage of all bets made by players will be paid back when playing a game in this case slots. Calculations are carried out in the long run. So if you find a slot game with an RTP of for example 96% then in the long term if you bet with a total bet of 1 million, then the expected RTP back to you is 960k in the long run.

Cold Machine – A term for a slot game that is not expected to issue prizes for a certain time.

Hot Machine – The opposite of Cold Machine, where the slot game is currently giving prizes to the players who play it.

Coin Size – The large number of coins used to play slots.

Fruit Machines – The old-school term people call slot games. Initially because this game uses fruit symbols.

Megaways – A type of slot game where the type of prize payment is carried out using the Megaways system pioneered by BTG.

Multiplier – A system that exists in some slot games where the winning prize earned by the player is multiplied.

Jackpot – The value of the prize that a player can get in the game.

Progressive Jackpot – The prize value continues to increase in slot games as more and more slot machines are played.

Static Jackpot – A fixed jackpot prize value regardless of the number of players.

RNG – Random Number Generator or an algorithm used in almost all slot games.

Bonus Feature – Extra game where players can get additional Scatter Prizes or Extra Game features in the slot game itself.

Turn Over – Total bets won and lost that have been made by the player.

Rollingan Bonus – A bonus given by the city to players based on the player’s total Turn over in the slot game.