Differences between ODDS/Kei and Handicap Values

From the meaning and function, it is clear that they are very different. Kei refers to the monetary value of the betting market, while handicap is the type of bet itself. Simply put, odds can explain the handicap, but not the other way around.

Football betting ODDS are used by players to help them determine which team is the strongest in the match. So that in general its function is to make it easier to make predictions about scores and types of bets.

There are even several types of ODDS, for example, Fractional, American, Asian and many others. Each type has a different calculation method. But the function is the same, namely to favor a team.

How to Calculate the ODDS Value of Football Gambling

If you only read from the explanation, it may still be incomprehensible, so you must understand how to calculate the ODDS for soccer betting and use it correctly to win bets.

Let’s take the example of the match between Real Madrid and Manchester United. In this match, Real Madrid scored 0.5 voor for Manchester United. From the kei value, it shows that Man United has scored 0-0.5 or goals before the match starts.

Then Manchester United’s odds value is 1.06 (usually marked in black), and Real Madrid has a value of -1.13 (will be marked in red).

From this number, if you place a bet for Manchester United and succeed, you will get more wins than the initial bet.