918Kiss New Game Top Gun Slots

If you want to play a slot machine game that really makes you amazing, then you should roll up and try Top Gun, one of the products circulating in the Playtech series.

This is an official slick slot machine game that draws inspiration from the movie of the same name, so if you “feel the need, you need speed” instead take the Top Gun slot machine and run into immediate trouble. IGT games, but Playtech has now acquired the copyright online. New game in 918kiss .

The game features industry-leading All-Way technology, which gives players 243 a very generous way to win with each spin. So every time you get a spinning reel, you can pick up one of the main game prizes, trigger a round of Danger Danger Games, or watch as the jets zoom in to see and blast lots of Dogfight Wilds onto your five reels.

Top Gun is fully licensed and features minor animations and features from the film franchise; including the occasional tension of Berlin hitting the single Take My Breath Away, which is featured on the film’s official soundtrack https://paulvast.com/.

In addition, there is also another wonderful slot machine game from Playtech. Also, malaysia online betting website is the latest and popular game, if you like this movie, then you will love the features offered here; nostalgic rules! That free game round is limited to 8 spins, and the Dogfight Wilds feature seems to be rarer than Haley’s comet. But other than that, it’s a smooth and fun game.

The Sky’s The Limit
All of the Top Gun characters are here-Swan, Iceman, Charlie, Jester, Stinger etc-and they each pay different prizes for spinning them on your reels. There’s no sign of Tom Cruise’s Maverick, maybe some sort of contraction excuse, but hopefully that shouldn’t make you too much.

But the first is the playing card symbol. This is divided into two camps, with Jacks and Queens paying 5 coins, 15 coins and 25 coins to spin three, four or five types on your five reels. The Ace and King symbols pay 10, 25 and 50 coins on the same principle.

Next are two things a self -respecting fighter pilot can’t do: Jackets and Chopsticks Goggles. This gets 15 coins for spinning three types, 50 coins for four and 100 coins for a full five. Next up are the two mainstays of the film franchise: Stinger and Jester. Spin these three on one of your paylines and you will be rewarded with 25 coins, four earn 75 coins and five pay 150 coins neatly.

The two men who lead the film-Goose and Iceman-take the next middle part, and those two gorgeous looks pay a pretty handsome reward for spinning three, four or five on your reels: 50 coins, 150 coins and 500 coins respectively -each.

The last major game symbol is Charlie, played in the film by the mesmerizing Kelly McGillis. He is in a glorious mood and will pay players 100 coins for a trio, 250 coins for a quad and 1,000 coins for a full sleeping hand. Come and try the latest 918kiss game.